Wai Lana's Little Yogis™ Twin Pack

$ 19.95

Get twice the fun with both volumes of Wai Lana's Little Yogis™ DVDs!

Wai Lana's Little Yogis™ fulfills every parent's dream. Here's a safe, fun, and healthy activity for all the kids in your life.

  • All kinds of fun exercises for strong bodies and sound minds
  • Balloon Belly breathing to help kids relax
  • Beautiful tropical scenery
  • Colorful, animated songs and games
  • Educational and healthy alternative to TV

Your children will love exercising with Wai Lana and her Little Yogi friends. Yoga is great for kids and helps:

  • Build strong, flexible bodies
  • Improve concentration
  • Develop balance and coordination
  • Build self-confidence

Introduce your kids to yoga and set them on a lifelong path to health and happiness.

Special features

  • Cute cartoons
  • Interactive games
  • Make Your Own Workout
  • Opción de idioma español (Spanish language option)

Running Time: Approx. 60 minutes total
Recommended for ages 3 and above


"Charming, with beautiful scenery. Great for children—but adults can benefit as well! What a beautiful tape. It's her best! It's so sweet with the children. Tell Wai Lana we loved it." —Elayne Blythe, Film Advisory Board President

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